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on the defensive? >> i don't think so. >> can romney put obama on the defensive? >> he'll have to. >> both could put the other on the defensive. >> who is going to fight for that and proceed as though it doesn't exist? >> no, no, no, they will both fight for that. the whole point is now, whoever two-thirds of the country think the economy is headed in the wrong discretion. there is a huge 23%, 23 million people are out of work. people have lost 40% of the net worth and 40% of the income. >> and they are more optimistic about the president all of a sudden. >> maybe, it all depends on which way you look at the polls. >>> when we come back, mahmoud versus b. b. >>> issue two, mahmoud versus bb. >> the policies of the world's main centers of power are based on the principle of domination and the conquering of others. these centers only seek supremacy and are not in favor of peace and definitely not at the service of their nations. continued threats by the unsievelized designennists to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bit of reality. >> in his speech bef
right. bob gates, the former defense secretary, he said temperament. there's such a thing as presidential temperament. you can smell it. you can feel it. it's there. and some people have it. some people don't. >> schieffer: considering the importance we place on them, it's hard to believe that presidential debates are fairly new to american politics. >> the candidates need to no introduction. the republican candidate vice president richard m. nixon and the democratic candidate senator john f. kennedy >> reporter: they began just 52 years ago on september 26, 1960. >> i think mr. nixon is an effective leader of his party. i hope he would grant me the same >> schieffer: some people who listened to it on the radio thought that nixon won but it was generally conceded that people who watched it on television were pretty convinced that jack kennedy won >> absolutely. what you say is important. but what you look like can be also as important >> mr. nixon, would you like to comment on that statement >> i have no comment and in nixon's case, he percent spired. he had the audacity t
and traveling around the world, so natural advantage has become her best defense against the visible signs of aging. >> i take my time very seriously, and it takes a lot for me to be able to take a product with me on the road and have time to use it and make time to use it, but with natural advantage, i want to use it. in the morning, i want to wake up and put it on because i know that i see results from it, and that's what keeps you going back each morning and every night before you go to bed. i love natural advantage, and i love what it's done for my skin. >> seymour: and when something works, you share it, so i invited a group of natural advantage users to join me for a day of beauty and skincare and to talk about natural advantage. the thing is that i-- i was asked to do a lot of different products by a lot of different companies, and a lot of them were really, really high-end, and some of them are very famous, and--i won't give you the names of them-- but, you know, the minimum price of one tube is $150-plus. and i could've gone that route, but when i tried this, this worked as well,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3